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Today in Lawrence: March for a Voice, Schoolboy Q

Poetry party at the library, March for a Voice at Kansas University, and Schoolboy Q at Liberty Hall.

Bite Sighs: Cinnamon rolls with a twist

When my friend Angie asked for a King cake last month, I was happy to oblige. I found an excellent recipe online, made the cake and was immediately addicted. Since my daily carb limit doesn’t include huge portions of cake, I decided to have a go at adapting the recipe to something smaller. Turns out, it lends itself perfectly to cinnamon rolls.

Morel mushrooms are a rare delight

While they’re deserving of their deeply savory and earthy reputation, morel mushrooms — which have a short season in mid-spring in Kansas — are all but impossible to grow yourself. In order to get a basket full, you either have to know how to forage for them or know someone else who does.

Today in Lawrence: Bob Dole, Bob Dylan

Bob Dole at the Dole Institute, Retta at Liberty Hall, and a Bob Dylan birthday bash at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Today in Lawrence: Interfaith vigil, library warning

Several Lawrence congregations will gather at 7 tonight for an "Interfaith Vigil For Community, Solidarity and Hope" at the Lawrence Jewish Community Center.

KU's Wakarusa Trio wins a top prize in Chamber Music Competition

The Wakarusa Trio, comprised of clarinetist Puyin Bai, violist Shokhrukh Sadikov and pianist Kai Yin Crystal Lam, recently won a $4,000 prize at the 68th annual Coleman Chamber Music Competition.

Behind the Lens: A picture can be worth more than words

Did you know that the difference between apologizing to your spouse and owning a photograph of Fats Domino is $189?

Kansas City Connection: Renee Kelly's Harvest the king of the brunch castle

Last week I wrote about several good choices for Sunday brunch, but it wasn’t until a week later that I discovered what has to be one of the most elegant and atmospheric dining halls in the area.

One wild ride for Your Friend, Taryn Miller

Since the February 20 announcement that Taryn Blake Miller had signed with London-based Domino Records (offices in Brooklyn), and the rerelease of her debut “Jekyll/Hyde,” her enthusiasm hasn’t wavered.

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Today in Lawrence: Easter brunch, Earth Day weekend

The perfect eggs Benedict, Lawrence's Earth Day parade, a chance to paws and reflect, and more Monty Python.

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Today in Lawrence: Turkish folk, freaky fossils

Fossil fascination at the KU Natural History Museum, Ayşenur Kolivar at the Lied Center, and "The Future of the University" at Spooner Hall.

Upgrade him: How men can look their part this spring

Meet Will Dale. Like a lot of men, Will could use some outside help when it comes to picking out his outfits.

Mrs. Mass.: Po' boys? Oh boy!

According to Terrebonne, a po’ boy is a long sandwich on French bread, typically containing a spicy mayonnaise and fried seafood, but can be made with about anything you can think of. If this description sounds mouth-wateringly delicious to you, then rest assured your taste buds know what’s up.

Family Adventures: May flowers for everyone

With all the tulips and daffodils in bloom right now, I think I may load up the Kid on Easter Sunday and teach him how to properly deliver May baskets.

The Fashion Column Twins: The best Easter dresses

Easter is right around the corner, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for you to find that perfect dress.

Style Scout: Graham Ray

Tell us a secret: I was on a museum brochure when I was 4 years old with my dad, and he was wearing a mullet.

Style Scout: Ursula Rothrock

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More cheap but authentic and good-quality tacos. Less stabbings.

Fix-It Chick: How to eradicate wild onions from your yard

If your lawn is filled with tufts of bright-green, waxy, smelly foliage, it may be time to get out the shovel and start digging. Wild onions are invasive plants, spreading year to year both from seed and bulb. A multi-tiered plan of action is the best way to eradicate wild onions.

Garden Variety: It's time for asparagus

Asparagus is one of those vegetables where freshness is incredibly important. If you have never eaten asparagus fresh out of the garden, try it. It may convince you to grow some of your own.

Photographer Mark Klett to deliver two lectures this week

Renowned photographer Mark Klett will be speaking on his collection of work at two events at Kansas University this week. The first is a Hallmark Symposium Lecture at the Spencer Museum of Art today.