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Today in Lawrence: Buskers or bust; hot rods and fiddling competition

Today in Lawrence: Street performers invade downtown Lawrence at the Seventh Annual Lawrence Busker Festival; hot rods and fiddling competition take over South Park.

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Today in Lawrence: Getting hotter, candidate potluck, Busker Ball and Sharknado 2

Today in Lawrence: Getting hotter, candidate potluck, Busker Ball and Sharknado 2

The new kids on the block at the Lawrence Busker Fest

Five Busker Fest newcomers to look out for this year including poets, a ping pong manipulator and a comic daredevil.

Mad for midcentury modern: the retro room makeover

Characterized by simplicity, clean lines and sleek form, midcentury modern is considered the edited interior design style; its key motto is “less is more.” Here is some decorating advice from some experts of the style.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Thousand year egg at Panda and Plum Garden

This Chinese treat looks like a 1,000-year-old hard-boiled egg. It doesn’t taste THAT old — but it sure doesn’t taste new.

Critter Buzz: The dreaded nail trim

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of pet owners more than THE DREADED NAIL TRIM. It is a necessary but often terrifying event in which both pet and owner wage a battle of wills that frequently results in hurt feelings, wounded pride and physical trauma.

Style Scout: Treet Alan Ward

Describe your style: It’s probably the same things I have been wearing since sixth or seventh grade: band T-shirts and either jeans or cargo shorts. I am not as fashionable as I appear to be!

Style Scout: Carly Griffith

Fashion influences: Music! Stevie Nicks is my role mode, pretty much. I also get a lot of inspiration from Disney movies. I love the villains in movies ever since I was little. Cruella de Vil was who got me into fashion.

The Fashion Column Twins: A secret summer accessory

Summer and scarves are two words that usually aren’t in the same sentence, but they really are a great accent to any outfit.

Family Adventures: A wild time at the zoo

Animals, education and fun for the whole family at the Kansas City Zoo.

Fix-It Chick: Use a block and tackle

If you have a heavy load to lift, using a series of pulleys and a rope, otherwise known as a block and tackle, will give you a mechanical advantage roughly equal to the number of pulleys used.

Garden Variety: Tougher poison ivy

Can poison ivy really get any worse? For gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts who regularly encounter poison ivy, the rumors that the plant is becoming more abundant are starting to look true.

On the Cheap: Dollar for dollar deals

Every dollar counts when you are on a budget, and the local dollar stores can help you make the most of them.

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Today in Lawrence: Kennel Club dog walk; domestic violence seminar

Today in Lawrence: Explore the myths and facts surrounding domestic violence; take your dog for a walk with the Jayhawk Kennel Club.

Fair's fare: The best baked goods from this year's county fair

Here are the recipes for the top baked goods from this year’s Douglas County Fair, provided by the Douglas County K-State Research and Extension Office.

Filmmaker seeks 'Lessons from Exes' for upcoming project

Set aside the emotional baggage and once-shared cat. Did any of your exes leave you with practical advice you still use? An area artist is seeking those stories for a film project. By Sara Shepherd

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Today in Lawrence: Heat, art and City Commission

Today in Lawrence: It's going to be another hot one; get into the air conditioning at the Lawrence Arts Center or the City Commission meeting.

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Today in Lawrence: Vocal auditions for teens, quilter's class for beginners

Today in Lawrence: Vocal auditions for teens, quilter's class for beginners

Pledging through paint: John Sebelius peers into college greek life

John Sebelius's “Do You Know Who My Father Is?!” exhibit at the Arts Center explores the vibrant Greek life by painting images found in photos from public Facebook profiles of Kansas University students.

Kansas City Connection: Going on a bacon run

Kansas City loves its 5Ks. Whether it’s a novelty run involving colorful powders and glow lights, or a long-established charitable event, you’ll find races every weekend throughout the warmer months.