Stories for November 1996


Wednesday, November 27

An in-your-face tribute to William S. Burroughs

There were three surprises at Tuesday night's "Nova Convention Revisited" concert, the long-waited, long-hyped tribute to Lawrence artist-writer William S. Burroughs at the Lied Center.

Burroughs' proteges share artful insight

William S. Burroughs was joined by entertainment and literature luminaries in a press conference for their "Nova Convention Revisited," concert

Tuesday, November 26

The stage is being set for tonight's "Nova Convention Revisited" concert

The curtain will go up at 7:30 p.m. for the "Nova Convention Revisited" concert in the Lied Center. Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Ed Sanders, John Giorno and Deborah Harry will give it their all. And folks will chatter about and critique the show as they pass through the entryway heading to their cars.

Sunday, November 24

John Giorno Chat Transcript

Transcript of online chat with John Giorno prior to the "Nova Convention Revisted," 1996.

Sunday, November 3

Beat goes on for Burroughs associates

Robert Sobieszek, Richard Hell and Allen Ginsberg are still going strong.