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Summers with the Bears: Six Seasons in the North Woods

Jack Becklund

In 1988, Becklund and his wife left Florida to live in Minnesota, where they ended up befriending an orphaned yearling black bear. Little Bit was followed by more bears, who romped in the Becklunds' back yard and went with them for walks in the woods. The numerous photographs underline the respectful yet trusting relationships that developed.

Isaac's Storm

Erik Larson

At the turn of the last century, an unnamed September hurricane devastated Galveston, Tex., killing at least 8,000 people. Larson's account of the worst natural disaster in the nation's history focuses on both the burgeoning storm and Isaac Cline, the city's government weather watcher.

Although the narrative sometimes becomes mired in meteorological details, it's rescued by the stories of individual Galveston citizens.


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