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Great American Suspense: 5 Unabridged Classics

Read by Geraint Wyn Davies

Long before Stephen King, there were the classic pioneers of American suspense from the 19th century: Edgar Allan Poe, Robert W. Chambers, Nathaniel Hawthorne, F. Marion Crawford and Ambrose Bierce.

Those authors are brought together in this anthology. My favorites include Bierce's "Occurrence at Owl Creek," one of the most famous short stories written. A masterpiece of timing, the story depicts the scene of a Civil War prisoner awaiting his execution by hanging.

Hawthorne's "Ethan Brand" is a haunting encounter with a man who has gone off to search for the Unpardonable Sin and returns to tell a strange tale. Poe's "The Oval Portrait" is an eerie story of a painter who exchanges the life of his young bride for her painted image.

Welsh actor Geraint Wyn Davies reads each tale with a crisp, clean, classical performance.

"Great American Suspense: 5 Unabridged Classics," is from Audio Partners, two cassettes, 3 hours, unabridged.


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