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'Water, Carry Me: A Love Story'

Thomas Moran, read by Derdriu Ring

A classic tale of love and betrayal, "Water, Carry Me" is set in contemporary Ireland, where love offers no escape from the vicious political virus that infects the country.

Una Moss is a medical student living just outside the southern town of Cork. She pays little attention to the Troubles, as the conflict in Northern Ireland is called. She meets Aidan Ferrel, a charming draftsman, who sweeps her off her feet. Orphaned at age 8, Una slowly but inevitably gives herself over to Aidan, a gentle and attentive lover. The growing bond of trust between them becomes all the more heartbreaking as the story unfolds, and she learns the truth about her family, her lover and her country.

Una and Aidan are unforgettable characters enmeshed in the tragedy of a war that has poisoned the country. "Water, Carry Me" is read beautifully with a lilting Irish accent by Derdriu Ring.

"Water, Carry Me: A Love Story" is from Nova Audio Books, two cassettes, 3 hours, abridged. Unabridged also is available.


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