Paltrow stalker sent away

A 51-year-old Ohio man who stalked Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow was declared insane and sent to a high-security psychiatric hospital.

A judge on Thursday convicted Dante Michael Soiu of stalking for sending hundreds of letters, e-mails and packages to the 28-year-old "Shakespeare in Love" star. Soiu was ordered to remain at the psychiatric hospital for as long as he is deemed a threat to himself or others.

Paltrow testified she was "very fearful" of him. He was arrested last May outside the Los Angeles home of Paltrow's parents.

Reagan movie in production

Oliver Stone is planning a movie about the 1981 assassination attempt against President Reagan.

Stone, who directed "Nixon" and "JFK," is expected to start filming "The Day Reagan Got Shot" for the Showtime network next month.

Richard Crenna is in negotiations to play Reagan, with Holland Taylor as Nancy Reagan and Richard Dreyfuss as Secretary of State Alexander Haig.

Reagan was shot in the chest by John Hinckley Jr. in Washington in 1981. White House press secretary James Brady was seriously wounded.

DJ Stern back on the air

Just weeks before his contract was to expire, radio shock jock Howard Stern signed a five-year deal to keep on ranting.

"I was really on the fence," Stern said Friday. "But in the end, I couldn't see walking away from this."

With his contract with Infinity Broadcasting set to expire at the end of the year, the nationally syndicated Stern had kept his millions of listeners in suspense for months and had said repeatedly that Friday's show could be his last ever. Stern refused to disclose details of the deal.

When asked what he would do with the extra money, Stern wisecracked: "Do what I always do � give it to my wife." Stern and his wife of 21 years separated in 1999.

Hanks won't run for office

Tom Hanks heeded cries of "Run, Forrest, run" in "Forrest Gump." But the actor says he won't be running for public office anytime soon.

"I would not want to live in a country that would have me as a leader in any sort of political bent," the Oscar-winning actor said in an interview airing Sunday on "60 Minutes."

Talk of a political future for the "Saving Private Ryan" star swirled when he appeared in public service announcements to raise money for a World War II memorial on Washington's National Mall.

Hanks is also a longtime contributor to Democratic candidates, most recently supporting Al Gore and Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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