Fans search out Britney Spears

Oops, they did it again. And again and again.

Britney Spears fans searched for her more than any other person, place or thing typed into the Lycos online search engine this year.

In Lycos' Top 50 searches of 2000, Spears narrowly beat the popular Japanese cartoon Dragonball Z. The teen singer, whose hits include "Oops! ... I Did It Again," came in second last year.

Bullock uninjured in plane mishap

A plane carrying actress Sandra Bullock and three other people missed a runway and crashed at the Jackson Hole Airport early Wednesday. Authorities said no one was hurt.

Bullock, who stars in the current "Miss Congeniality," was aboard the plane with two crew members and another person, airport manager George Larson said.

The twin-engine Hawker corporate jet, owned by RR Investments of Texas, was heavily damaged. The main nose landing gear was sheared off and both wings were extensively damaged, Larson said.

The four climbed out of the wreckage and found the airport was empty. "So they walked in here and found a custodian, and she called some other people who called the sheriff's department," Larson said.

Celin Dion stores 'laboratory twin'

The marriage between Celine Dion, 32, and Rene Angelil, 58, is widely viewed as, er, unique. But now things are getting just plain weird.

The Canadian diva might have temporarily retired to have a baby, but in an interview Sunday on French Quebec's TVA she admitted that not only will her heart go on � but so will her eggs. Dion, on schedule to deliver a son around Valentine's Day, said she has a second fertilized embryo stored at a New York fertility clinic and that she hopes one day to give her soon-to-be newborn "a laboratory twin. Technically, it is called a twin. It does not mean they are identical twins but they were conceived at the same time," she said.

Carrey acts Grinchlike to Whos

Little moviegoers might regard Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a pretty nice present this holiday season. But making the blockbuster was far from a jolly time for Suzanne Krull, who played Shopper Who.

"My skin actually repelled the makeup, so my prosthetics were always being reglued on," "The Next Best Thing" co-star tells TV Guide Online. "I called myself 'Leper Who' � it looked like my skin was falling off."

Regarding the big-screen Grinch, Krull stops short of calling the star a mean one. Yet she was disappointed that he never acknowledged the little people.

"Jim Carrey didn't speak to any of us," she says. "You see the same faces for months, you'd think he'd say 'Hi.' But it was still fun to watch him work."


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