Coleman mum in '01

Time is running out for interviewers who keep asking former child star Gary Coleman about his 1970s sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes."

"I've come up with the policy that, come 2001, I'll answer no more questions. We're in the 21st century here," he said. The 32-year-old actor, whose next movie is "The Flunky" with Dean Stockwell, does not even watch much television anymore.

Instead, the sometime security guard occupies himself with model trains, DVDs, video games and the Internet, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

Kudos from Connery

Sean Connery says his co-star in the new movie "Finding Forrester" found little difficulty in his acting debut.

Rob Brown plays a brash teen-ager with literary aspirations who befriends Connery's character, the reclusive author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel from four decades ago.

Brown "has an amazing screen presence," Connery told the Orange County Register. "He could have a long career in films, if he wants it."

Brown, 16, had no acting experience before landing the role, nor had he studied acting.

Connery had advice for Brown: "He told me to be myself and to make sure my money's safe," the young actor said.

Waylon has garage sale

Antiques and memorabilia hunters will have a chance to mingle with country music fans when Waylon Jennings and his wife, Jessi Colter, have a yard sale this week.

Among the items for sale are a Dodge Charger from TV's "Dukes of Hazzard" � for which Jennings recorded the theme song � and tennis shoe boots made for Willie Nelson.

Jennings and Colter have moved to Arizona into a house one-third the size of the one they left. The yard sale will be Thursday through Saturday at the couple's former home in Nashville, Tenn.

The Madonna watch

Media avoidance-obsessed newlyweds Madonna and Guy Ritchie reportedly scuttled plans to honeymoon on a tropical isle, fearing inquiring minds would track them down, and settled for the 52-acre Wiltshire, England, estate of Sting and Trudie Styler, where the popster's muscle could secure its borders against the rabble.

Meanwhile, residents of the sleepy British village of Wilsford-cum-Lake were stunned Christmas Eve when the just-marrieds lifted a pint among commoners at the Bridge pub.

Said an ordinary drinker at the Bridge: "We couldn't believe it when they walked into the pub. We see Sting and Trudie around the village but we never thought we'd be drinking with Madonna. They sat on their own and nobody bothered them. They looked very much in love."


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