Lawrence band takes online route

Mi6, a Lawrence post-punk band, recently made it onto the front page of the national edition of the New York Times.

The band's experience with marketing their CDs on the Internet was documented in a July 20 article with the headline "Unknown musicians find payoffs online." A picture of the band -- Jimmy Coles, David White, Aaron Riffel and Ken Peterson -- ran with the story.

Mi6 released its first CD in May and has since released several of its tracks on Web sites devoted to music. According to the article, its music has been played by several online radio stations, and band members have e-mailed those expressing an interest in the band and its music. The effort has resulted in the sale of a dozen CDs to those who wouldn't have known about the band otherwise.

But the big payoff may come down the road. An executive at a major record label who ran across the band's music on a Web site and has contacted the band, guitarist Ken Peterson told the newspaper.

In addition, one of its songs has held the top spot on, based on reviews of visitors to that Web site. If the band remains on the top rung through mid-August, its members could win a $250,000 recording contract.


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