Exhibit shows off talent of arts center faculty

Sometimes we forget that art teachers are also artists.

While in the classroom, their focus is nurturing the creative energy of their students. But outside of the teaching realm, many art teachers also have studios or work spaces at home where they work on sculptures, paintings, drawings, jewelry or photography.


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Ceramic works by Jan McElwain will be featured in the Lawrence Arts Center's faculty exhibit.

Nearly every year, the Lawrence Arts Center hangs an exhibit that recognizes the talent of its faculty. This year about three dozen instructors have been asked to contribute.

"We've had a faculty show since the beginning (of the arts center), which is 25 years," Rick Mitchell, gallery director, said. "There was one or two people (who exhibited) in the beginning. This time we've invited 35 current instructors. " The 35 people are to bring one to three pieces, so there will be between 40 and 60 pieces."

The exhibit will represent every class taught at the arts center: drawing, painting, calligraphy, printmaking, ceramics, metal work, photography, writing and possibly textiles.

"It gives the arts center a chance to show the public the kinds of teachers it has," Mitchell said. "Since we're engaged in offering classes to the public, we want them to know our teachers and the quality of work they do.

What: Exhibit by Lawrence Arts Center faculty.When: Through July 26.Where: Lawrence Arts Center, 200 W. Ninth.Reception: From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. July 7.

" " Lots of people in our faculty have master's degrees and years of experience and are among the best in their fields. It may be rare among community arts center to have such high-quality people on a part-time basis."

The show also gives the teachers-artists a chance to socialize with each other.

"For artists, they don't encounter one another that often because in the studio or office they tend to work alone," he said.

The show will run through July 26. A reception is being held in conjunction with the First Fridays gallery walk, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. July 7.

Mitchell encouraged those who have never been to an exhibit at the arts center to attend.

"For those who are curious, it's a chance to come and see who we are and what we do," he said. "The reception is an open house. You can spend five minutes or three hours. " It's an opportunity to ask about our classes or the artists' works."

Those who've been asked to participate in the show include Amy Carlson, Nancy Christy-Moore, Louis Copt, Brian Daldorph, Constance Ehrlich, John Falley, Scott Garrette, Jennifer Glenn, Ann Hamil, Lauretta Hendricks-Backus, Lora Jost, Gary Lechliter, Cathy Ledeker, Anne Merydith-Wolf, Jon Narum, Pat Nemchock, Mary O'Connell, Betty Peterson, Sally Pillar, Brian Pyle, Laura Ramberg, Nan Renbarger, Jeff Ridgway, Linda Samson Talleur, Ginny Shirer, Vanessa Vanek, Shanna Wagner, Ken Willard, Melissa Windler, Miriam Cain, Pat Drewry, Allison Haworth, Chris Hotvedt, Ann Johnson, Kim Rack and Linda Reimond.


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