More than 80 artists to participate in ArtWalk 2000

Cathy Robins' love of animals comes out in her bronze and clay sculptures: Leaping coyotes suspended in mid-air. Cats lying in the sun. Donkeys nibbling at their hoofs.

"When I was 5 years old, I used plaster to make a sheep," she said, recalling his first sculpture.

Robins is among more than 80 artists who will participate next weekend in ArtWalk 2000, a self-guided tour of artists' studios and art galleries.

She will show about 20 works in her studio at 448 N 1500 Road. Other artists joining her at the location are John Wysocki, Mick Braa and William Bowerman.

Robins, after working as an oceanographer for 20 years, enrolled at the University of Miami in Florida to earn a master's degree in sculpture. While in the Miami area, she became involved in Clay Space, a cooperative clay gallery.

She and her family moved to Lawrence in 1993 because her husband, Dick, had taken a job as a curator at Kansas University's Natural History Museum. Soon afterward, she established a studio on their rural farm.

Robins does not sketch her ideas on paper before she begins building her sculptures. She typically constructs an armature and then applies plasteline, a nonhardening clay.

"Once I know what I'm doing, I work with a lot of vigor and with energy," she said. "I try to work to where I can get a little kernel of the truth."

Wysocki, the ArtWalk's organizer, said this year's event follows a pirate theme, with studios and galleries challenging walkers to use their maps to unearth the hidden treasures in the community.

"It's staggering the amount of art in this town," Wysocki said.

The ArtWalk is not "just a Lawrence thing" anymore, he added. The event draws visitors from out-of-town. Last year, some studios estimated more than 200 people came through their doors during the two-day event.

Here are the other ArtWalk participants:

� Van Go Mobile Arts, 715 N.J., painting, sculpture, printmaking and clay works by JAMS participants.

� Do's Deluxe Salon, 416 E. Ninth St., photography and computer-manipulated images by Chris Somers. Somers will discuss "Stepping from the Shadows into the Light."

� Bittersweet Garden and Floral Designs, 514 E. Ninth St., flower designs by John McCaffrey and pastel drawings, acrylic paintings and oil paintings by Jennifer Immel Oldridge.

� Studio 3D, 619 E. Eighth St., assemblages of wood, metal, paper and castings by Karen Jacks; clay sculpture by Patty Boyer; fiber works by Traci Bunkers; textile constructions by Bobbi Studstill.

� Free State Glass, 307 E. Ninth St., hand-blown glass by Jim Slough and Dick Rector. Hot glass demonstrations.

� artWork Studio, 411 E. Ninth St., murals, mosaics, ceramics and prints by David Loewenstein.

� Vibrations Studio, 920 Del., Autumn Brave Festival and artwork by Lance M. Johnson, Jiri Lonski and Robert Longyear.

� Studio 3D, 1019 Del., abstract and allegorical metallic watercolors, watercolor nudes and performance installation work by Diana Dunkley; ceramics, mixed media and sculpture by Dan Hermreck; paintings and mixed-media assemblages by Margaret Rose; ceramic sculpture by Cathy Tisdale.

� Lori Hinrichsen and Nan Renbarger, 1205 Pa., handmade paper, bookbinding, printmaking and collage by Hinrichsen and textiles and fibers by Renbarger.

� JGladman Gallery, 15 E. Seventh St., photographic watercolor portraits by John Gladman.

� Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt., Downtown Tuesday Painters exhibit.

� Douglas County Senior Services, 745 Vt., Downtown Tuesday Painters studio open house. Art demonstrations.

� Southwest and More, 727 Mass., mixed-media and folk art by Karen Woolery. Meet other artists represented by the gallery.

� Fields Gallery, 712 Mass., works by several local and regional artists.

� Downtown Upstairs Art Group, 824 1/2 Mass., works by Patrick Alstrup, Michael Wallace, Angel Tovar and Heather MacLaren.

� Lawrence Arts Center, 200 W. Ninth, woodworking and furniture designs by Marty Miller, Will Orvedal and Rick Stein.

� Janel Hinrichsen, 1008 Ohio, mixed-media by Hinrichsen.

� Phoenix Gallery, 919 Mass., various media and artists. Artist demonstrations by potter Judhe Jensen and wood turner Ted Thomas.

� Back to the Garden Gallery, 1017 Mass, metalworks.

� Free State Glass Gallery, 1021 1/4 Mass., blown glass.

� Carmesi, 1012 Mass., various artists and media. Reception for photographer Edward Robinson, 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Saturday.

� Constance Ehrlich and Mari Pilar, 1136 Tenn., still-life paintings, drawings, prints, hand-beaded jewelry boxes, Christmas ornaments by Ehrlich and contemporary paintings, oils and mixed media by Pilar.

� Suzanne Perry and May Bernofsky, 1321 N.H., lamps, clocks and jewelry by Perry and watercolors by Bernofsky.

� Full Moon Pottery, 1609 R.I., pottery by Brian Farley. Artist demonstrations.

� Bob Gent Glassworks, blown glass works by Gent. Artist demonstrations.

� Kristin Dempsey, 1804 Ill., oils, charcoal and pencil drawings and notecards by Dempsey. Quick caricatures of dogs for small fee.

� Dale Martin, 1911 R.I., drawn stories by Martin.

� Pat Ransone, 13 Winona Ave., watercolors by Ransone.

� Yvonne Channel, 2526 Belle Haven Dr., oil paintings and charcoal drawings by Channel.

� Celia Smith, 907 W. 27th Terrace, acrylics and inks by Smith.

� Celestial Ironworks, 619 N. Second, metalworks by Kelvin Schartz. Kinetic Genome Project garden party, 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. Saturday.

� Melissa Highsmith, 939 Centennial, mixed-media paintings by Highsmith.

� Barbara Jarvis, 2504 Westdale Rd., works on paper and mixed media by Jarvis.

� Art Cornerstone, 925 Iowa, mosaic and pique assiette by Linda Baranski.

� Carolyn Young, 803 Highland Dr., photography by Young.

� Laurie Culling, acrylics, mixed media and paper collages by Culling.

� Susan McCarthy, 625 Ohio, oil pastels on paper and small porcelain busts by McCarthy.

� Cathy Robins, Bill Bowerman, Mick Braa and John Wysocki, 448 N. 1500 Road, cast bronze and hand-built terra-cotta sculpture by Robins; drawings, acrylics, pastels, serigraphs and wearable art by Bowerman; dye-painted fabrics, paintings and 3-D decorative works by Braa; photographs and Polaroid image and emulsion transfers by Wysocki. Live entertainment, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

� Cultivating ARTS Emergence, 1125 Mark Blair Court, various media and artists.

� Roy's Art Gallery, 1410 Kasold Dr., No. 11., various media and artists, featuring works by Robert Sudlow.

� Karla Nathan, Shanna Wagner and Bev Willis, 1754 E. 1200 Road, floral and landscape watercolor, murals and hand-painted furniture by Nathan; stained-glass lamps, mirrors and jewelry by Wagner; acrylics by Willis. How-to instructions on painting linoleum floors and mosaic garden stone demonstration.

� Linda Kelly, 3213 Riverview, hand-built clay tiles, vases and bowls by Kelly.

� Jewell Willhite, 2902 Schwarz, acrylic paintings by Kelly.

� Jennifer Rinehart Unekis, 707 W. Fourth St., mixed-media assemblages by Unekis.

� 500 Locust Gallery, 500 Locust, various artists and media. Reception, live music and poetry reading, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 29.


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