Stallone slowing down

Sylvester Stallone, middle aged and married with four children, is taking stock of his life � and he doesn't like everything he sees in his past.

"Climbing that mountain of ambition, being so prolific, put the emphasis on the wrong side of my life. It didn't make me feel better," Stallone told Parade magazine. "Now I understand what's sacred."

The 54-year-old creator of monosyllabic film heroes Rocky and Rambo says he prefers fatherhood to the whirlwind lifestyle he was leading a decade ago when he dated a different woman every month. "I didn't have the extraordinary love of my wife and children. I didn't have a real home. That started to get very, very old," said Stallone, who married model Jennifer Flavin in 1997. Stallone's latest film, "Driven," opens Friday.

The odds are in on 'Survivor'

Oddsmakers have installed Texas cowboy Colby Donaldson as the favorite to win the $1 million grand prize on the CBS reality-based series "Survivor."

Donaldson is the 3-2 favorite at the Stardust hotel-casino and the 2-1 favorite at the Bally's and Paris hotel-casinos.

"Colby has won many immunities and he looks like the strongest," said Joe Lupo, manager at the Strip resort's race and sports book.

Tina Wesson is Lupo's second favorite at 2-1, while Keith Famie is at 3-1 followed by Elisabeth Filarski at 5-1. The odds are only hypothetical because state law prohibits wagers on events in which the outcome already is known, and CBS, unlike the oddsmakers, knows how this contest ends.

Bathed in Billy Bob's blood

So far, Hollywood's wildest newlyweds Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton have managed to refrain from killing each other in the bedroom. But that doesn't mean things can't get stranger.

Jolie might be looking at a big summer hit with "Tomb Raider," but her behavior is freaking out photographers who have to work with her, reports The New York Post. At one recent shoot, Jolie showed up wearing a glass-ball pendant containing drops of Billy Bob's blood. She also had fresh wounds on her arms, saying that she had to cut herself before sex.

The pouty-lipped actress then rejected all the clothes that were offered. When she finally got dressed, she wouldn't remove her necklace.

"This is my husband's blood!" she snarled at an assistant.

Getting into Madonna's underwear

An unidentified male bidder paid a reported $13,800 for Madonna's underwear in an online auction Friday. A spokesman for the Leland auction house, which generally handles sports memorabilia, told the New York Post that 50,000 people visited his firm's Web site on the day of the sale.

The winning bid awards Mr. No-Name the black-leather bra-and-panties outfit that Madonna modeled in her 1985 book "Sex."


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