Wahlberg won't 'boogie' again

— Mark Wahlberg, the bad-boy hip-hopper-turned-actor, who is playing a heavy metal rocker in his upcoming film "Rock Star," says his newfound religious beliefs and his family would keep him from doing sexually explicit films again.

Wahlberg, who has been in trouble with the law in his rowdy younger days, and was known as Marky Mark during his singing days, is now a Seventh Day Adventist along with most of his family.

He made a splash in his film career by working with newcomer director Paul Thomas Anderson in the film "Boogie Nights" where he played a rather well-endowed porn star.

"I had to go to a few porn sets, and I wasn't too thrilled about that," Wahlberg laughs. "That was a bit too much."

Wahlberg talked at the Century Plaza Hotel to Zap2it.com about his new Warner Bros. movie. In "Rock Star," he plays a singer, part of a copycat tribute band, who ends up getting caught in the wild sex-and-drugs world of a mid-1980s hard rock band. He says he's proud of his role in the film, in which he co-stars with Jennifer Aniston.

"I have nine nieces and nephews I have to answer to and at this stage of the game it would be hard to make a movie like 'Boogie Nights' and I would do nothing graphic," Walhberg says.

"I do care. I am concerned, especially in these kids' eyes, it would be tough to do something like that again," Wahlberg says about his best role. "I'd have to do some thinking, I was trying to prove myself as an actor then and not thinking of them."


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