Reality show to feature cops, ex-cons

— CBS' "Big Brother 2" has been criticized for not discovering the criminal records of some of its contestants. A reality show currently being developed, however, wants people with criminal records � felons, to be exact.

The show is called "Danger Island," and its "Most Dangerous Game"-like premise is this: A dozen ex-convicts will be placed on a remote island and given tasks to complete, while being hunted down by professional law-enforcement officers, big-game hunters and bounty hunters. Think "America's Most Wanted" meets UPN's "Manhunt."

"The executive producer (John Surowy, a former producer for "Oprah") was looking to take reality TV to the next level," associate producer Michael Stevens tells "This was just the logical progression."

The 12 contestants � ex-cons with children who've completed their sentences and parole � will have to complete a different task each episode while being tracked by various "ManHunters." The last contestant left will win $1 million, to be given to the victim of their most recent crime, and a $50,000 scholarship for his or her child, "so as to grant the child some options that their parent may not have had," Stevens says.

The contestants cannot have a conviction for murder, rape or child molestation on their records and will undergo drug testing and background checks. The hunters, Stevens says, must have "verifiable credentials" as a law-enforcement officer, member of the military, bounty hunter or sport hunter.


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