Cusack meets Hitler

John Cusack, best known for playing scruffy, romantic Gen-X characters, is breaking away from typecast in a big way. The "High Fidelity" star is on board for "Hoffman," written and directed by Menno Meyjes, reports Empire Online. Cusack said that the film has "the best script I've read since 'Being John Malkovich."'

Hoffman focuses on the young Adolf Hitler and how his Jewish art teacher supposedly failed to encourage his nascent artistic talent. This has been interpreted as one possible cause for Hitler's later political, and genocidal, actions. It's unclear at present which role Cusack will be playing.

Cusack is currently filming "America's Sweethearts" with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Meyjes is working on a script adaptation of "Lindbergh," a biography of aviator Charles Lindbergh, for Steven Spielberg.

Playboy paradise

Perhaps not surprisingly, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner is fond of every kind of woman. But lately, he's partial to blonds: He has seven blond, buxom girlfriends. "Picasso had his Blue Period. And I'm in my Blond Period," the 75-year-old Hef tells Vanity Fair. Tiffany, Stephanie, Cathi, Katie, Buffy, Tina and Regina, who range in age from 19 to 28, have shared the Playboy mansion with the party boy for the past few months. They say the arrangement is working out well.

"It's like going to school, but there's no homework, and you get to party every night � and you can sleep in!" Katie Lohmann said. But life with Viagra-fortified Hef may not always be as glamorous as it's cracked up to be. Cathi O'Malley says that despite the active nightlife they all share, daytime at the Playboy Mansion is "mostly like being at your grandma's house."

King ends up in 'Asylum'

For the first time ever, prolific horror scribe Stephen King has penned a screenplay based on another writer's book.

King has written a film adaptation of Patrick McGrath's 1998 novel "Asylum" for Paramount Pictures, Variety reported Wednesday. The story is set in an English insane asylum, where the superintendent's wife has an affair with a patient who turns out to be a murderer. Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson plan to star.

Halle marries in secret

Halle Berry has secretly married her longtime boyfriend, Eric Benet. The actress married the singer "sometime in January" in the Los Angeles area and no details were being released. The couple met while celebrating the premiere of Berry's HBO movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge." Berry, 32, won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for the Dandridge role. Berry's other movie credits include "X-men," "Bulworth," "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" and "Boomerang."

You gotta have Faith

Faith Hill is headed for the movies. The country singer is eyeing a starring role in New Line Cinema's romantic comedy "Even Steven." The film will center on the antics of two jilted ex-girlfriends who team up to create the perfect date for their former boyfriend to fall in love with, in hopes of breaking his heart.


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