Exclusive Online Profile: Nancy Christy-Moore

Local painter's work to be featured as part of Kentucky Derby festivities

Nancy Christy-Moore's "Horse Series" is the latest expression of her exploration of drawing her art from within. Trained as a commercial artist and illustrator, she first studied in Columbia, Missouri, then Chicago and later California. Christy-Moore never really pursued a career in commercial art, and it wasn't until much later that she began to find her inspiration as a water-media artist.


Michael Newman/J-W Photo

Watermedia artist Nancy Christy-Moore

Christy-Moore, who teaches at the Lawrence Art Center and does workshops around the country found her way to "inner painting" through an experience that came out of an assignment she'd given her students. In the exercise, she was teaching her class to look for subjects suggested by the forms contained within non-objective abstract paintings that she had them create.

It was through this technique she found her own divergence from painting the world she saw in front of her, toward painting a world she drew from within.

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In this method she produced works in several series. There was the "Dance Series," the "Petroglyph Series, the "Blooms Series," and now the "Horse Series."

Christy Moor begins by creating an abstract work using watercolors, acrylics, inks, and a variety of mixed media. She then steps back and looks deep at what she has wrought. It's at this point the subjects of her work begin to reveal themselves to her and she starts sketching on top of her painting.

"This process of building paintings in stages based on explorations of color and design, using spontaneous techniques, often takes me on unplanned journeys," says Christy-Moore. Those journeys have led her and her work as far as Japan, where she's shown her work.

Visit Nancy Christy-Moore's Web site at http://www.nchristy.com.

Christy-Moore is represented by the Phoenix Gallery in Topeka and the Lionheart Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky where her current work will be exhibited as part of this year's Kentucky Derby festivities.


One of Christy-Moore's horse series which will be featured in Louisville


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