Horse 1, Prince Charles 0

Prince Charles broke a bone in his left shoulder after his horse surprised him by jumping during a fox hunt and he fell off, St. James's Palace said Saturday.

Charles, who was riding with the Mey Nell Hunt in Derbyshire, in central England, was thrown to the ground by the horse's unexpected move. His arm was placed in a sling but there was no cast.

"He's fine. It was a minor injury and it's just inconvenient, that's all. He's not in any pain," said a palace spokeswoman.

Film critics present awards

"Yi yi" ("A One and a Two"), Edward Yang's humanistic comedy of manners from Taiwan, was named best picture of 2000 Saturday by the National Society of Film Critics, a group known for its eclectic tastes. Steven Soderbergh was voted best director for both of his films that were released last year, the drug thriller "Traffic," and the popular drama "Erin Brockovich."

Best actor honors went to Javier Bardem in the role of the late Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas in director Julian Schnabel's "Before Night Falls." Laura Linney was named best actress for her role as a single mom coping with her younger brother in "You Can Count on Me."

Benicio Del Toro received best supporting actor for his role as a Mexican police detective in "Traffic." Veteran comedy actress/writer/director Elaine May was named best supporting actress for her performance as a sweet but dense friend of an ex-con in Woody Allen's "Small Time Crooks."

Letting baby play in 'Traffic'

Catherine Zeta-Jones says she wasn't afraid to make Steven Soderbergh's drug-war drama "Traffic" while she was six months pregnant. In fact, she told reporters recently, the experience "liberated" her.

"I called Steve and said, 'Look, I have some private information to share with you. Firstly, I would love to do the movie, but secondly, I'm pregnant and you can't tell anybody. But what about me playing the role pregnant?'

"He went away, came back within a few hours and said, 'I think you're right. We could really use it. It would give her a vulnerability and up the stakes."'

Zeta-Jones, 31, plays the pampered wife of a San Diego drug kingpin who doesn't know what her husband does for a living.

Her real-life husband, Michael Douglas, also stars in the film, which expanded nationwide Friday. The two never share the screen, though.

'Where are thou,' protesters?

Where were the animal rights people when the frog was being squished in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" That's what director Joel Coen wants to know.

Turns out the frog that John Goodman clobbers in the movie wasn't a real frog anyway. But Coen said the Humane Society was worried about a cow that is hit by a car. The cow wasn't real, either, but Coen said he had to prove it was computer-generated.

"The cow was completely created digitally," he said. "The special-effects company studied rodeo films of cows being roped and then dragged down on the ground to see what would happen if it got hit by a car."


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