Exclusive Online Profile: Diana Dunkley

Standing in Diana Dunkley's studio one is struck by the variety of the work that seems to occupy every corner of her workspace. There are finished pieces and unfinished work all about. There are paintings, hangings, assemblages and watercolors. At the moment she's working on a series of acrylic transfers from color photocopies of photographs.

Dunkley has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and interior design. Art is the constant in her life. "My life and art are one and the same," says Dunkley, "they cannot be separated."

All art is a part of a dialogue between the artist and its audience, but Dunkley prefers that dialogue to be explicit and personal. As such she has established an oral tradition around her titles. "They can only be spoken because when they are said they can have many meanings, but if they are written the meanings can be much more specific." "Besides," she continues, "I like to whisper the titles in people's ears."

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Dunkley isn't just passionate about her art. "There are over 700 visual artists in Douglas County." She's quick to point out. She's a passionate booster for her peers in the community of artists Lawrence is fortunate to have.

"I am interested in advocating for the professional visual artist," she says. "I want to educate our community, in particular, about what it takes to be supportive of the visual artists in our area, rather than just taking from them."

Dunkley is deeply involved in issues relating to gender diversity. She's been appointed to a team responsible for organizing and facilitating "The Hidden Gender Exhibit," an international touring exhibit sponsored by the International Foundation for Androgynous Studies out of Perth, Australia.

Dunkley's work can be seen at Roy's gallery, Carmesi, Sue Nutt, Aarvark Gallery in Baldwin, the Phoenix Gallery in Topeka, and she's represented nationally by Creative Resources.

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"This title can only be spoken" #10

Hear Diana Dunkley tell you the name of this work:listen(wav)687klisten(mp3)17k


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