Mr. Mom

O.J. Simpson says he is entirely dedicated to his children, but he had to relearn how to be a father after his acquittal seven years ago of the murders of Nicole Brown, his ex-wife, and her friend Ron Goldman.

"As a father, I was just a disciplinarian before, and now I'm everything to my kids. People ask me what's the hardest thing for me, and I tell them I was always a great dad but I'm a horrible mom," he said in the July 9 edition of The New Yorker.

Instead of being treated as a pariah after the sensational trial, Simpson says he gets nothing but love. "I never got hugs before. Now the public shows me so much love. Women are my biggest defenders. It's that bad-boy syndrome. Now girls chase me," he said.

On the move

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres has sold her home in Ojai, Calif., so she can stay closer to Los Angeles to work on upcoming projects.

DeGeneres, 42, once shared the house with actress Anne Heche, her former companion.

DeGeneres will be host of the 53rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 16. She also is starring in and producing a sitcom for CBS this fall. "The Ellen Show" is about an Internet executive who leaves the stresses of big-city life and moves back to her hometown.

Nothing hokey about it

The "Hokey Pokey" is not exactly a country classic, but that didn't stop George Strait from singing the ditty to the delight of some 2,000 locals in Snyder, Tex.

Julia Roberts' niece, 10-year-old Emma Roberts, joined in putting her right foot in, and putting her right foot out, for Saturday's last day of shooting on the independent film "Grand Champion," in which Strait plays himself.

The movie, about children who make off with a champion steer named "Hokey" before he's shipped to a butcher, features a cameo by Oscar-winner Roberts, whose niece has a starring role.

Childhood confessional

It must have been obvious that Bill Murray and his sister would take divergent career paths when, as an altar boy, the future funny man was booted out of Mass for wearing gym shoes.

Nancy Murray is now an Adrian Dominican nun.

While Bill Murray was sailing along as master of ceremonies last week at the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago testimonial dinner, another nun confronted him with the gym shoes tale and a few other embarrassing stories from his childhood.

It wasn't a real nun but Mary McHale, who plays "Sister" in the play "Late Night Catechism." She said her source of information was Nancy Murray.


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