Hidden 'Dragon'

I must take exception to your statement (from "Re-enter the 'Dragon,'" July 5) "(Jet) Li proves he is no Jackie Chan in the humor department; his stabs at levity seem strained."

In "Kiss of the Dragon," Jet's character, Liu Jian, is a top Chinese agent (first in all of his classes, five promotions); he is not "Supercop." Nor is Jet's character imbued with the "wit" (?) of a James Bond...thank God. He is a man with a serious job on a serious assignment.

Now, Jet has performed some wonderful comedy in his Hong Kong and early Mainland movies. Regarding the latter, in "Martial Arts of Shaolin," his cross-dressing turn as a sashaying shepherdess in order to avoid discovery is a total hoot! Then there is "Last Hero in China," a parody of his "Once Upon a Time in China" series character Wong Fei-hong. His action sequence dressed as a red rooster is priceless. He got those chicken moves down perfectly. Ah, and I certainly cannot leave out his comedic interplay with Josephine Siao, as his mother, in "Fong Sai Yuk I and II."

I'm guessing that you are not familiar with Jet's Hong Kong movies. If you do develop interest, NEVER buy an English dubbed version. The translations suck, and the movie scores and sound effects are not nearly as good as the subtitled Cantonese language releases. "Twin Warriors"/"Tai Chi Master" is an excellent example: In the former, the comedy of the characters comes off as goofy, rather than delightfully funny as in the latter.

At this time, "Fist of Legend," perhaps Jet's most well known H.K. movie (thanks to the Wachowski brothers' reference to it during the "Making of the Matrix" feature on the DVD), is only available on DVD in the dubbed version. (It's still a terrific movie!) I've sent an e-mail to Miramax, which owns the rights to the Cantonese language DVD, encouraging the subtitled release.

Well, thanks for "listening" to this opinion.

� Sherry Burton,

Overland Park

Off kilter

My husband and I noted your 4-star rating of Marisco's ("Desert blossom," June 7) with disbelief. On our first visit to the restaurant, we were ordering seafood and looking over the wine list. When the waiter approached, I told him I preferred a dry white wine and asked which of the choices might be the driest. He paused, looked a little confused, and finally said, "I think all of our wines are pretty wet." (We struggled to keep a straight face because he was absolutely serious.)

My husband ordered the calamari appetizer which arrived soggy with grease. The rest of the meal was unremarkable, and I doubt we would have ever returned to Marisco's except that we were given a gift certificate shortly thereafter.

On the second occasion, I ordered their seafood special. The fish had such an "off" taste that after several bites I moved on to other things. The waitress insisted on boxing up what I left, and I dumped it in the trash can as soon as I got home. I really think the fish was spoiled. So I question your rating. I would give Marisco's one star (for the decor), and we don't plan to return.

� Judy Hathaway,



Bbbumpy 15 years, 11 months ago

I guess I'm just lucky, because all five or six of my visits to Marisco's were exceptional in every respect. However, we usually go around lunchtime, so maybe it's just better when they're not rushed or crowded. Sad that you had such an unpleasant time.

I do certainly hope that the owner takes note of the few not-too-hot reviews I've seen or heard, and they work on their consistency. Whether it means adding staff for dinner hours, or simply "upgrading" some of their staff-members, it would be well worth it for them. If everyone had the same experiences I've had, Marisco's would have many, many repeat customers.

I actually know one couple that just went once, (I think it was during dinner hours) and it was a dud, so they plan to never return.

So please, please, Mr. or Ms. Marisco-Owner- Make some changes, because I hate to see one of my favorite restaraunts bring itself even a few bad reviews!

-Russell Walters


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