'Exhausted' Mariah Carey checks herself into hospital

— Mariah Carey has checked herself into a hospital for "extreme exhaustion," her spokeswoman said Thursday.

Cindi Berger would not say what Carey's symptoms were or where she was, but said Carey's busy schedule contributed to her illness and hospitalization Wednesday night.

"She's been working around the clock," Berger told The Associated Press.

In a separate statement, Berger said: "Carey has been hospitalized for extreme exhaustion after completing two movies, 'Glitter' and 'Wise Girls,' and simultaneously writing, recording and producing her album, the soundtrack 'Glitter."'

The 31-year-old singer has canceled all public appearances, including her performance at next week's MTV 20th anniversary party in New York.

Last week, Carey made an impromptu appearance on MTV's "Total Request Live," dressed in little more than a lavender T-shirt with the word "Loverboy" across it � the title of her new single. She was pushing an ice cream cart filled with popsicles, which she brought for members of the studio audience.

"TRL" host Carson Daly kept trying to go into a commercial break, but the singer's talking prevented him. Carey then took off the T-shirt, saying it was a gift for Daly, revealing a tight tank top and skimpy shorts.

She also brought with her a framed photograph of her mother, who she said was a huge fan of "TRL," and a handwritten letter from her mother to Daly, which she read aloud.

When asked about the MTV appearance, Berger cited Carey's exhaustion and said: "She just hasn't been herself for a little while, and it just caught up with her."


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