Mr. Stone attacked by dragon

San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein underwent foot surgery after being attacked by a Komodo dragon at the Los Angeles Zoo. Bronstein and his wife, actress Sharon Stone, were on a private tour of the zoo Saturday when Bronstein entered the Indonesian lizard's cage. He was in stable condition Sunday at a Los Angeles area hospital, said Joe Brown, a spokesman for the paper.

A zookeeper had asked Bronstein to remove his white tennis shoes to keep the 5-foot-long reptile from mistaking them for the white rats it is fed, Bronstein told the Chronicle. Stone said the reptile attacked Bronstein's shoeless foot, crushing his big toe while thrashing its body around. Bronstein was able to pry open the reptile's mouth and escape.

Rather wins journalism award

News anchor Dan Rather has been honored by the Los Angeles Press Club. CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves presented the Joseph M. Quinn Award for Journalistic Excellence and Distinction to Rather during the 43rd annual Southern California Journalism Awards on Saturday. Rather, who succeeded Walter Cronkite at the anchor desk 20 years ago, was honored for his "consistently outstanding journalism" on the CBS Evening News, as anchor of "48 Hours" and for his reports on "60 Minutes II," the press club said in a statement.

Blair wouldn't listen to her mother

Linda Blair said she was naive about the entertainment industry when she got worldwide attention as the star of "The Exorcist." "I believed everybody," Blair tells TV Guide in its June 16 issue. "And it was something that broke my mother's heart." After winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination at the age of 14 for her role as the possessed Regan McNeil in the 1973 film, Blair said she never believed her mother, even when she labored in B-movie oblivion and saw nude pictures of herself published in 1985.

"My mom told me, 'You don't understand. People are taking advantage of you.' And I thought, 'No you're wrong.' And when you grow up you realize the adults are always right," said Blair, who is now hosting the Fox Family Channel reality show "Scariest Places on Earth."

Little League in the big time

Filming began Saturday in Williamsport, Pa., home of the Little League World Series, on a movie starring Harry Connick Jr. and written by best-selling author John Grisham.

The film crew for "Mickey" will film in Williamsport for 11 days and then return in August to shoot extra scenes during the Little League World Series Aug. 17-26. Connick Jr. plays Glen Ryan, a recent widower whose son, Mickey, is a great baseball player. After Mickey's 13th birthday, the two long for another year of Little League, so they assume new identities in Las Vegas.


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