Dylan boyhood home auctioned

Bob Dylan's boyhood home in Duluth, Minn., has been sold for $94,600 on eBay. The Web listing, posted May 24 on Dylan's 60th birthday, described the duplex as "a must-have for the ultimate diehard Dylan fan." Owner Kathy Burns of Solomon's Island, Md., opened the bidding at $85,000. The top bid � submitted by "Srueff" � edged out the next highest by $100.

Burns bought the property, near downtown and with a view of Lake Superior, for $62,000 in October 1996. She lived in Minneapolis at the time and once planned to live in the house or turn it into a museum.

Dylan was born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth in 1941 and lived there until he was 6. He graduated from Hibbing High School in 1959.

Julia: Don't bash Bushes

Oscar winner Julia Roberts says the pressures of being President Bush's daughter would lead her to drink, too. "We all need to take a deep breath and think about being a Bush daughter and having that cross to bear. I'd go out and have a couple of drinks, too," the actress told Time magazine. The 19-year-old twins face charges after trying to buy drinks at a restaurant. Barbara Bush has pleaded no contest to underage possession of alcohol in Texas and was placed on probation. Jenna Bush has pleaded innocent to trying to buy a margarita with someone else's ID. The sisters were cited by police after their May 29 visit to a Mexican restaurant in Austin.

A tribute to the master

British guitarist Eric Clapton paid tribute to John Lee Hooker by performing one of his best-known hits, "Boogie Chillen," at a concert in New York. The legendary blues guitarist and "father of boogie" died Wednesday at age 83.

Clapton, 56, played for two hours to a sellout crowd of 25,000 Friday at Madison Square Garden, performing jazz, blues and rock tunes with equal prowess. The virtuoso guitarist known as "Slowhand" performed selections from his latest album "Reptile" an eclectic mix of blues and rock and Brazilian-influenced instrumentals, as well as some of major hits like "Layla," "Cocaine," "After Midnight" and "Tears in Heaven."

Rudy will show you the way

Want to run your business the way Rudolph Giuliani runs the city of New York? Keep a lookout for "Rudy's Rules."

"The thrust of the book is how to run your business using the principles that Giuliani has used to run New York City," said Jonathan Burnham, an editor at Talk Miramax.

In January, the mayor reached a $3 million deal with Talk Miramax Books to write two books. He'll produce "Rudy's Rules" first. The second book will be a memoir. The Times said Giuliani has found time to make extensive notes for the manuscript despite his duties as mayor and his messy divorce case.


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