'Imagination Workshop' will take antics

Radio on TV? Has to be a stunt, right?

Well, sort of.

"The Imagination Workshop," the sketch-comedy radio series produced by KANU-FM 91.5, will be taping four half-hour television shows that will be broadcast in September by KCPT, a public television station in Kansas City, Mo., that can be seen in Lawrence on cable channel 7.

"We've been in the talking stages for this for three years," said Darrell Brogdon, producer and principal writer for "The Imagination Workshop."

"It's a little odd to do radio on TV. � There is a stunt aspect to this."

The television series will be co-produced by KANU and Kansas State University's Educational Communications Center (ECC).

"We did a show in Manhattan three years ago, and a friend of mine at ECC � talked about doing a video project together," Brogdon said, referring to Mel Chastain, director of the KSU center. "Over the past five years, we had several opportunities for this, and for one reason or another, it didn't pan out. � Finally, we said if we're going to do it, let's do it."

The television shows will be taped July 14 at Nichols Hall on the KSU campus.

"It will be staged in two sessions on the same night," he said. "But it will be two different shows."

The shows � staged as radio productions with live sound effects, actors with scripts in hand and a studio audience � will contain bits from "The Imagination Workshop" archives, such as episodes of "The Legion of Stupid Heroes," "The Old Ranger," "Incompetents Hospital" and "Blimp Commandoes."

The cameras will bring viewers into and behind the on-stage action and also venture backstage.

Brogdon said KANU and ECC will pay for their individual costs. For example, KANU can expect to spend from $5,000 to $10,000, the price range for staging a single production at Liberty Hall.

Tickets sales have been brisk for recent "Imagination Workshop" shows and have covered the costs of the show's production, he said. However, Nichols Hall holds about 200 people, compared with the downtown Lawrence venue that seats more than 500.

"The Imagination Workshop" is already distributed to public radio stations throughout the country by National Public Radio. Beginning in July, weekly episodes from the series will be available on Sirius Satellite Radio.


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