Delaney's a bit blue on leaving 'NYPD'

Kim Delaney will finish filming her final episode today as Detective Diane Russell on ABC's gritty cop drama "NYPD Blue."

Two days later, she'll begin work on the pilot of "Philly," a new Steven Bochco drama that will air on ABC next season.

After her time on the cop series, it would be easy to believe that Delaney is used to staff departures.

Last season she saw Nick Turturro and Andrea Thompson go, and the year before she was a key part of Jimmy Smits' departing story line.

Still, she said, it doesn't get any easier.

"You don't want it to end," she said. "It's a very odd time. It will be difficult. It will be sad. It comes up. Everybody gets teary.

"It was difficult before when it wasn't me," she added. "When Jimmy Smits left, it was very hard."

Exactly how she'll leave "NYPD Blue" � in an episode to be aired later this season � has yet to be revealed.

"Not in a pine box, as Steven says," Delaney noted. "He's also given me the safety net � if for some reason this doesn't work out, he'll let me back on 'NYPD Blue."'

In "Philly," Delaney will play a criminal-defense attorney working in Philadelphia.

ABC has given Bochco a 13-episode commitment to the show targeted for the fall.


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