'Ed' replaces its theme song for show's second season

— Jon Beckerman and Rob Burnett, the creators of "Ed," would like the show's devotees to know that they remain big fans of the Foo Fighters, whose song "Next Year" served as the show's theme song during its first season.

"We loved the Foo Fighters song, and we thought it was a terrific match for the show," Beckerman tells Zap2it.com. "We were very happy with it."

Those who watch the show know, however, that "Next Year" has been replaced in the new season by "Moment in the Sun," a song by the band Clem Snide.

It was not a move Burnett and Beckerman wanted to make. But Paramount, which produces "Ed," has a policy that theme music for its series must be owned by the studio. It did not own "Next Year," which is on the Foo Fighters' 1999 album "There Is Nothing Left to Lose."

"We really had to twist some arms to get (Paramount) to agree to use it at all," Beckerman says. "We knew there could come a day when they told us we couldn't use the song anymore, and that day did in fact come."

Rather than choose a song from the catalogs owned by Viacom, Paramount's parent company, Burnett and Beckerman contacted several artists to write a new one, Clem Snide included. Singer Eef Barzelay wrote several songs specifically for the show, none of which quite fit.

However, Paramount was able to acquire ownership of "Moment in the Sun," which is on Clem Snide's album "The Ghost of Fashion." The band re-recorded the song for use on the show.

"We think it's a really good song," Beckerman says. "I think the lyrics are a nice fit to where the show is now and where it's going."

Beckerman called the search for the new song a "thankless task."

"There's an impression out there that we wanted to change the song," he says. "We do like ("Moment in the Sun") a lot, but we wouldn't have changed it if we'd had a choice. ... We had to play the cards we were dealt."

Besides, Burnett adds, "'Ed' was so successful in its first year, they thought it would be unfair to the other shows not to give it a handicap."


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