What are you reading?

Marty Gish, independent music promoter, Lawrence
"It's called 'Revolutionary Suicide' by Huey P. Newton. It was a fascinating insight into the life of one of America's great revolutionaries."

Jake Walker, KU student, Lawrence
"I'm reading 'The Killer Angels' about the Civil War."

Brad Baker, KU student, Lawrence
"I just read some Charles Buckowski short stories and poetry. It was quite entertaining."

Deborah Peterson, KU instructor, Lawrence
"I just finished 'Founding Brothers.' I tend to read books on a theme, so right now I'm reading a bunch of Revolutionary War books."

Teija Cheung, Free State High School student, Lawrence
"I'm reading 'The Aeneid' for my Epic Tradition class. I've been studying Latin, so it's interesting to read the books we've learned about."


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