What are you reading?

Katie Short, Lawrence High School student, Lawrence

"'Slam' because I have to for class. It's about a basketball player."

Katy Wichman, LHS student, Lawrence

"'The Virgin Suicides' because I've seen the movie and I like the book. It's my third time reading it now."

Cori Hermann, LHS student, Lawrence

"'The Jungle.' It's a good book. We're learning about the condition of meat-packing plants � fingers getting cut off and all of that."

Makayla Emery, Calvary Chapel Academy student, Lawrence

"It's called 'The Fox and the Grapes.' It was about a fox who was very hungry and wanted some grapes. I liked how at the end of it the lesson was that animals and humans can be very sour toward each other."

Marc Ingber, Kansas University student, Lawrence

"'Mary Barton' by Elizabeth Gaskell for my Intro to Fiction class. It's kind of a chic book. That's what I don't like about it. But I like that even thought it was written a long time ago, the English is still understandable."


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