Brando faces $100 million palimony suit

— A woman filed a $100 million palimony lawsuit against Marlon Brando, claiming the actor fathered her three children during a 14-year romantic relationship.

Maria Cristina Ruiz, 43, filed the Superior Court breach of contract suit Thursday, demanding damages and unspecified living expenses.

Ruiz once worked as Brando's maid and lived at his home after they became romantically involved in 1988, the suit said. The relationship ended in December when Brando stopped paying her living expenses, although he continued to support the three children, the suit said.

Brando could not be reached Friday.

The actor, who's been married three times, won Oscars for 1954's "On the Waterfront" and 1972's "The Godfather."

Ruiz said she "devoted all aspects of her life to ... Brando's needs, the interests of their children, his personal interests and well being, to the exclusion of her own."

The reclusive 78-year-old actor "promised that he would always provide for and financially support plaintiff and any children of plaintiff and defendant Brando," the suit said.

Ruiz's children are 8, 10 and 13.

"It was just like a marriage. There was an engagement ring and a wedding ring," Ruiz attorney Donald Woldman said Thursday.

He noted, however, that there was never a legal marriage ceremony.

The suit claimed Brando agreed all of his property would be divided for the benefit of Ruiz and the children if their relationship ended.


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