Women's play festival at Kansas University closes with 'Lear's Daughters'

The Kansas University William Inge Memorial Theatre Series closes its 2001-02 Women's Play Festival with a production of "Lear's Daughters" by Elaine Feinstein and the Women's Theatre Group.

Performances of the production are at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through May 5 and May 7-9 in the Inge Theatre in Murphy Hall.

First performed by the Women's Theatre Group in September 1987, "Lear's Daughters" explores what happens when women's gifts are stifled by patriarchal institutions and values.

Julie Little Thunder, Tulsa, Okla., a doctoral student, is directing the production.

Little Thunder said "Lear's Daughters" showed the effects of the patriarchal order upon women and the power of stories to uphold or subvert that order.

In the drama, the classic Shakespearean tragedy of "King Lear" is twisted to explore the life of three sisters growing from childhood under the watch of King Lear, their offstage father, after their mother died attempting to produce a male child for her husband.

Tickets to the play are available at University Theatre, 864-3982; Lied Center, 864-ARTS; SUA Office, 864 7469; and at www.kutheatre.com. Tickets are $12 for the public, $6 for students and $11 for senior citizens.


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