What are you reading?

Katie Hofer, cook, Lawrence
"Comic books. Garfield. I like cats, and it's fun."

Darrel Kizer, KU graduate student, Lawrence
"'A Language Older Than Words.' The basic premise is there is a language between living organisms � nature � and human beings that we have somewhat forgotten."

John Conard, retired, Lawrence
"Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry's 'Courrier Sud.' It's in French. He's one of my favorite authors."

Claudia Olea, mother, Lawrence
"'The Red Tent.' It's the Book Club Selection of the Month. I've heard from several women that it's a wonderful book."

Lisa Pickel, college student, Lawrence
"I'm reading 'The Outlander' by Diana Gabaldon. It's about an English woman who travels through a circle of stones from present-day to ancient Scotland. It's really good."


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