Singer Macy Gray checks into 'MDs'

— Pop/jazz singer Macy Gray takes one step closer to being like her artistic inspiration, actress/singer Diana Ross, when she guest-stars Wednesday in an episode of the ABC medical drama "MDs," airing at 9 p.m. CST.

In "Wing and a Prayer," Gray plays a blues singer suffering from a condition that could end her career. "She finds out she has cancer," says Gray. "She has to make a choice. If she has the surgery - it's early enough that they can remove it - it'll ruin her vocal cords. She'll survive, but she won't be able to sing."

Gray has done some acting, including roles playing herself (such as in the recent "Spider-Man") and a small part as a fictional character in the Denzel Washington hit "Training Day." "And I did a cameo in this movie called 'Guns and Roses,"' she says. "It's a girl Western, comes out next year."

"So this 'MDs' came to me like a blessing. If I'm going to do it, I really want to act as much as I can, because the more you do it, the better you get at it."

Of course, for a singer, playing one who may be losing her voice could have been a scary proposition. "You know how you have to get into this emotional thing to get into your character?" Gray says. "They're asking me, 'What would you do if you were in this position?' And I'm saying, 'I'm not even going to think about that.' It's cool, because I'm a singer, but this singer that I am (in 'MDs') hasn't made it yet. She's still doing clubs, and she just got a record deal."

"That's part of the story, too, that all of this is coming up just as things are starting to happen for her. That's the story of her life, it doesn't ever really work out. I made it more about that than about me being in her position, because I didn't want to think about that."


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