Sly sues over bad investment

Los Angeles � Sylvester Stallone has filed a lawsuit alleging that a former business manager told him not to unload more than $7 million in Planet Hollywood stock while telling others that the restaurant chain was headed for bankruptcy.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in Superior Court claims Stallone asked Kenneth Starr, who worked for him between 1997 and 2001, whether he should sell nearly 3 million shares of Planet Hollywood stock.

Stallone said Starr told him "he would be sending the wrong message to the market" if he sold the stock, the lawsuit said.

When Stallone finally sold the shares in March 2000, he received less than $300,000.

Rappers asked to clean up act

Beverly Hills, Calif. � Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, joined by Russell Simmons and other prominent hip-hop figures, called on rap artists to move away from explicitly violent lyrics.

Farrakhan, who also condemned the U.S. war on terrorism, told a receptive, sometimes raucous audience Thursday that rappers owe poor and minority communities more than many of them have given.

"From the suffering of our people came rap," Farrakhan said. "That should make you a servant of those that produced you."

Stalker's appeal falls on deaf ears

Los Angeles � A state appellate court has upheld the stalking conviction of an Ohio man who sent hundreds of letters, e-mails and packages to Gwyneth Paltrow and showed up at her parents' home.

Dante Michael Soiu, 51, was convicted in December 2000 of stalking the 29-year-old Oscar-winning actress.

On Thursday, the 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled there was "no merit" to his claim there was insufficient evidence to prove he intended to cause fear.

Backstreet Boy buys big boat

Miami Beach, Fla. � Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, 22, is getting into motorsports, but unlike other celebrities, his races will take place on water, not land.

Carter bought a 43-foot offshore racer with two 750-horsepower engines. He plans to run the 130 mph-boat in the American Power Boat Assn.'s 2002 circuit in the United States and Canada.

Carter's father, Bob, will be the pilot.

Stone scouts Cuba for film ideas

Havana � Oliver Stone is in Cuba to research a possible documentary about the island, a project producer said.

The 55-year-old director arrived in Wednesday night in Havana and planned to stay for a week, producer Fernando Sulichin told The Associated Press. He offered no additional details.


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