Gallery specializes in finding first-class art for corporations

An art gallery that started on the Internet is jumping off the computer screen and into the community.

Iveth Jalinsky has opened The Museum Gallery in suite 114 in the I-70 Business Center on North Third Street. The gallery features contemporary artworks from national, regional and international artists and targets corporations as its customers.


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Iveth Jalinsky has opened a new gallery at suite 114 in the I-70 Business Center that will cater to businesses and corporations and will be open by appointment only. Jalinsky also restores old paintings and paints original oils.

"One and a half years ago I opened The Museum Gallery on the Internet," Jalinsky said. "We had clients in San Francisco, Miami, Fla., Italy, New York and Germany. Two months ago, I started working on this place."

Jalinsky said she works with designers who are looking for artworks for corporate offices. She finds out what they are looking for � size, style, media � and matches an artist or artwork to meet those desires.

For example, a restaurant chain wanted to commission a wall sculpture that could be the focal point of the entryway to its corporate office. Jalinsky contacted Lawrence sculptor Jiri Lonsky, who created several wax mockups for the piece. The final project most likely will be a ceramic, organic-inspired wall hanging about 7 feet by 5 feet.

The 3,500-square-foot gallery showcases the work of 12 artists of varying media, including ceramics, bronze sculpture, paintings and collage. Some of the sculptures, Jalinsky said, measure as much as 12 feet by 12 feet.

Some of the artists who are represented are Lonsky, Aaron Luckeroth, Celia Smith, Robert Lait, Michael Beckerman, Robert Wright, Meako, Sipho and Carmodi. Jalinsky's artwork is also on display.

In the past Jalinsky has focused on antique painting but recently has been giving her oil paintings a contemporary look.

"I use natural pigments and prepare the oils," she said. "I use lots of color. They're the colors of cut glass, but it's oil."

Her work is on display in New Delhi and Germany and will be going to Barcelona in June. In a couple of months, her paintings will be shown in Colombian embassies worldwide. Jalinsky is a native of Colombia.

If all goes well with The Museum Gallery, Jalinsky wants to expand into a neighboring suite to showcase more "modernistic" art, such as installation and digital art. If that succeeds, she would like to add even more space for large sculptures.


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