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The first train pulled into the old Union pacific rail station at Second and Locust in North Lawrence on November 13, 1889 amid much fanfare. The last passenger trains quietly ceased stopping there in and freight service ended in 1984. At that time the railroad indicated their plans to tear the structure down within a week.


Michael Newman/J-W Photo

Lawrence Visitor Center

Immediately, the Lawrence Preservation Alliance swung into action and led a campaign to save the station. After several years of negotiations the Union Pacific turned the depot over to the city.

Rennovation began in 1991, and with the completion of replicas of the original steeple and canopy the Lawrence Visitors Center was opened in the spring of 1996.

The center features public meeting facilities, historical exhibits and a Lawrence information desk.

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For more information, read Dave Toplikar's report on the North Lawrence.


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