What are you reading?

David Sommerville,college professor,
"I just now read John Grisham's 'The Testament.' I also read a book by my brother, C. John Sommerville, called 'How the News Makes Us Dumb.'"

Cornelious Leonard,12 years old,
West Junior High School student
"Dragon Ball Z comics. There's a lot of fighting in them."

Doug Weaver,Borders employee,
"'The Emperor of Ocean Park' by Stephen Carter. It's sort of a mystery thriller. He's a black nonfiction author, and this is his first novel."

Daniel Schamle,elementary teacher,
"I'm reading a book on historical fiction called 'The Lost Planet.' I like history a lot, and I've been spending my days reading."

Ian Weaver,14 years old,
West Junior High School student
"I'm reading a book called 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' I like to read science fiction books."


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