'Springer' rated TV's worst show ever

— The worst TV shows ever are pretty bad � but "The Jerry Springer Show" tops TV Guide's list.

"Awful television shows are a storied part of our society," TV Guide editor-in-chief Steven Reddicliffe said Friday. "Some of them actually are very successful and are great guilty pleasures. And no one has turned guilty-pleasure TV into more of an art form than Jerry Springer."

The list is in the July 20 issue of the magazine, on newsstands Monday.

"The Jerry Springer Show," a syndicated daytime talk-show hit since 1991, was first on a list of 50 worst shows only two months after "Seinfeld" was No. 1 on a TV Guide list of the best 50 shows.

Second worst on the new list was NBC's "My Mother The Car," 1965-66, followed by NBC, UPN and TNN's "XFL," 2001; ABC's "The Brady Bunch Hour" (1977); and CBS' "Hogan's Heroes" (1965-71).

Rounding out the worst 10 were "Celebrity Boxing" (Fox, 2002-present); "AfterMASH" (CBS, 1983-84); "Cop Rock" (ABC, 1990); "You're in the Picture" (CBS, 1961); and "Hee Haw Honeys" (syndicated, 1978-79).


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