'Wascally Wabbit' tale is Faulkner contest winner

— A classic rabbit � "Oooooh that twickster and wascal" � and a pudgy hunter emerge from a kudzu-like thickness and complexity of words in the winning entry of this year's Faux Faulkner contest.

Steven Stankiewicz, a New York illustrator who enjoys immersing himself in William Faulkner's Southern prose, used the essence of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to win the 13th annual Faulkner write-alike competition.

Stankiewicz depicts a showdown � a "frantic kinetic mute folly" � between Bugs and Elmer, a "short pudgy bald childlike simulacrum, ridiculous hunter's hat coat boots and oversized primitive crude firearm ..."

Stankiewicz's 500-word winner was among some 200 entries.

Stankiewicz' winning story is a classic tale of hunter versus hunted: "the chase itself the frantic kinetic mute folly which was not only utterly predictable but that very predictability indispensable to its very existence ..."

Then, "the words uttered over the chronic and perpetual mastication of the absurd carrot in inexplicable and certainly anachronistic urban nasality: Ehhhhh....... what's up, Doc?"


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