'Goldmember' viewers asked to zip it on cameos

— New Line publicists are asking that film critics and journalists who've laughed at the cameos in "Austin Powers in Goldmember" to "zip it" when it comes to their reviews and stories.

Although a few Internet sites and other places have reported the high-profile cameos that take place in the third installment of the Mike Myers comedy, there's a familiar face at virtually every turn of the movie. It's almost a who's who of popular Hollywood.

"Please don't spoil the surprise guest appearances for fans and moviegoers," reads a flier handed to journalists at a screening. It included a photo of Myers' bald Dr. Evil character who's known for telling his son to "zip it" over and over again.

"It's a surprise, and it's so delicious and fun from a comedy point of view," director Jay Roach says. "We're saying to audiences, 'Don't tell your friends after you see this.'"

Here are a few of the secrets Roach agreed to reveal:

� In a spoof movie about Austin's life, there are six very famous people involved in the film; three are Oscar winners, and all have been nominated for an Academy Award.

� All of the spoof characters were written for the people who played them, and all the first choices were available and played the parts.

� "Today" host Katie Couric plays a prison guard, but her cameo is so obscure and so hard to recognize, that you'll have to know to look for it, or else you can't tell. That's why the filmmakers and cast agreed to talk about her.

Many of the stars are friends of Myers and people Roach hopes to work with again. "We were sort of trying to have fun and make a comment about cameos while we were having cameos," Roach says. "They all showed up the same day. Some of them had to be in heavy makeup. We shot the whole thing in six hours for that opening section, and it was the most heightened experience I've ever had because I was terrified. I'd been up all night and I want to work with these people again some day, and I was afraid I would blow it."


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