Dean Gubbels: Bakery manager's ready to explore Lawrence

Hey good-lookin'

Whatcha got cookin'?


Scott McClurg/Journal-World Photo

Dean Gubbels, 36, is a bakery manager at Hy-Vee Food Store, 3405 Clinton Parkway. He has lived in Lawrence since September and would like to get to know the town better.

Or baking, in the case of Dean Gubbels.

Although Gubbels, 36, said he loves working as bakery manager at Hy-Vee, 3405 Clinton Parkway, he knows the job's long hours prevent him from meeting Lawrence ladies.

One of his friends knows it, too, and that's why she nominated Gubbels as one of the city's most eligible bachelors. He needed to get his name out, she said, because women would enjoy spending time with him.

"When you least expect it, Dean flashes you a witty smile and a sense of humor that will make you glad you're with him," she wrote. Not to mention his "GQ good looks, blond hair and healthy 6'2" exterior."

Gubbels said he now has at least two days off from work a week, and he is ready to investigate Lawrence's social scene. He has lived in Lawrence since September but hasn't been out much, although he likes to go places to dance.

"I'm a good cook. ... I like walking in the rain and sitting in front of a fireplace," he said. "I like going to islands."

Gubbels said any woman he dates must have a sense of humor.

"I enjoy joking around with people," he said. "She'd need to be charismatic, someone who likes to go out and have fun."


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