Evan Jackman: Manager says he's happy with his life

Employees at Einstein Bagel Brothers nominated their general manager, Evan Jackman, as Lawrence's most eligible bachelor. It's obvious he charms them every day.

"He is a great manager, hard worker, funny and good-hearted," wrote four of Jackman's college-age employees.


Richard Gwin /Journal World Photo

Evan Jackman, a manager at Einstein Bagel Bros., 1026 Mass., has a great working relationship with his staff, who think he's one of the city's most eligible bachelors.

Jackman, 38, said he originally was not excited about being featured as a bachelor.

"My initial reaction was they thought I was pathetic and needed assistance," he said. "They claimed it was because they thought I was perfect for that kind of a thing."

Jessica Dumler, a four-year bagel shop employee, said she and her co-conspirators nominated Jackman out of affection.

"We want the single 30-year-old-and-up women coming in here and checking him out," she said.

When Jackman is not working, he plays the drums in a three-person rock band, reads novels, golfs, enjoys downtown Lawrence and maintains many friendships. Although Jackman wouldn't mind finding a companion, he values his freedom.

"Relationships are always best when people have a certain amount of independence," he said.

Right now Jackman is content with his life.

"I don't think I've ever been happier," he said.


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