Men's fashions shouldn't fall

Details magazine advises potential male fashion victims not to let the summer heat affect their sense of style.

"In the summer, guys who wouldn't dream of imitating Nanook of the North at the onset of winter have no problem leaving the house looking like they've stepped out a '50s beach movie," the editors say in the August issue.

The editors offer these guidelines:

� "Walk it like you talk it." Reef sandals scream "budget backpacker" and should be avoided. The gladiator sandals also need to go.

Details also says socks with moccasins is only for playboys who live in Rome.

� Think long and hard about shorts. Modesty should be the guiding principle when it comes to choosing shorts; even if your legs are fit and trim, short shorts are a fashion don't.

On the other hand, ultra-baggy styles that look like culottes should be left for NBA players.

� Turn down the volume on your loud shirt. Ditch any shirt with a beer logo, corporate polo shirts and any shirt with stained armpits.

And, while short-sleeved white dress shirts are all the rage with hipsters, you run the risk of looking nerdy unless you have an ironic haircut to match the top.


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