What are you reading?

Micki Carroll, educator, Lawrence

"'Nickel and Dimed' by Barbara Ehrenreich. It's an expos� from a journalist. ... It's a very good book, and it's very funny, too."

Pat Blake, teacher, Kuwait

"I'm reading a bunch of Carlos Castaneda books. He writes metaphysical, supernatural nonfiction. He offers an alternative point of view that I find to be unbelievable and fascinating."

Ellen Raimond, KU graduate student, Naperville, Ill.

"The Harry Potter books. You kind of get to relive being a kid and using your imagination. Actually, it's probably escapism from being a student."

Karen Wulfkuhle, business owner, Lawrence

"'Women's Wardrobe: Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone.' I'm getting ready to start my own business based on women's work wardrobe."

Lawrence Bradford, professor of biology, Atchison

"I'm reading 'Papal Power' by Paul Collins. I'm just interested in papal history of the last 200 years."


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