Think you know opera? Take this test

Some first- and second-round questions and answers from the 2000-2001 ChevronTexaco Opera Quiz Kids competition:

1. The symbolism in "The Magic Flute" is believed to have been attributed to a secret society called what?

2. In the Magic Flute, the role of the Queen of the Night is written for:

a. coloratura soprano

b. lyric mezzo

c. dramatic soprano

d. spinto soprano

3. The original source for the story of "Aida" is thought to be a book by the Greek author Heliodorus titled:

a. The Book of Egyptian Women

b. The Book of Pharaohs

c. The Book of Ethiopian Women

d. The Book of Nubians

4. In "Carmen," which two of these arias occur in the first act?

a. "Habanera"

b. "La fleur que tu m'avai jetee"

c. "Seguidilla"

d. "Je dis, que rien ne m'epouvante"

5. In the famous quintet, what are the names of the four other members of Carmen's band of gypsy smugglers?

Answers: 1. the Masons; 2. a � coloratura soprano; 3. c � The Book of Ethiopian Women; 4. a and c � "Habanera" and "Seguidilla"; 5. Dancaire, Remendado, Frasquita and Mercedes.

Source: ChevronTexaco Quiz Kids


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