Condit's wife won't get apology

— Rep. Gary Condit's wife has been turned down in her demand for an apology for a "Law & Order" episode about a politician and a missing aide.

The show's producers rejected Carolyn Condit's appeal and NBC, which airs the long-running series, concurred with the producers' announcement Wednesday, a network spokeswoman said.

The episode aired Feb. 6 and carried the series' standard disclaimer that the story "does not depict any actual person or event."

"We believe there's no basis for her claim. The show is fictional," said Neil Schubert, spokesman for Studios USA, which produces the series for NBC. Attorneys for Studios USA are investigating the matter and plan to respond, Schubert said.

The decision came a day after Rep. Condit lost his re-election bid for the congressional seat he has held for six terms. In the Democratic primary, he was swamped by state Assemblyman Dennis Cardoza.

Chandra Levy, 24, vanished last May. Police sources say Rep. Condit admitted having an affair with the Washington intern, but that he is not a suspect in her disappearance.

In the "Law & Order" episode, a 24-year-old aide to a state senator disappears from her Manhattan apartment. The ending implies that the wife of another official, the state gaming board chairman, was involved in her death.

A letter titled "Demand for Retraction" was sent to "Law & Order" executive producer Dick Wolf and to NBC attorneys Feb. 26 by the Los Angeles-based law firm of Johnson & Rishwain, which represents Mrs. Condit.

"It is undeniable that the viewing public would identify Mrs. Condit as the wife depicted on the episode," the letter stated.

Mrs. Condit wants a retraction aired that apologizes and states there is no basis to assert that Mrs. Condit contacted Levy or was involved in her disappearance.


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