Seinfeld solves parking problem

New York � As master of his televised domain, Jerry Seinfeld handled all manner of urban headaches � the dearth of parking spaces, the abundance of construction noise.

Now the comedian has found a permanent solution to problem No. 1 while contributing to problem No. 2: He's building a private Manhattan parking garage.

Seinfeld's 20-car, $1.4 million garage on West 83rd Street will house his collection of Porsches, reports The New York Observer. The garage is three blocks from Seinfeld's apartment.

Judge Judy's rep wins case

Miami Beach, Fla. � Judge Judy will be proud, maybe. Her publicist, Gary Rosen, won a battle in Miami Beach traffic court Thursday, beating a ticket for illegally displaying a "For Sale" sign on his car.

"Judge Judy always says you should fight for what you believe, and I did," said Rosen, 34, after the ticket was dismissed. He confided, though, that the television judge had counseled him to plead guilty: "She said, 'It sounds to me like you did it, just admit it and take what's coming to you.' "


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