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Lawrence Humane Society

According to their mission statement, the Lawrence Humane Society acts as advocates for animals and believes in the value of humane attitudes toward all living creatures.

Their mission is to shelter stray, orphaned, and unwanted, to place all animals in responsible, permanent homes and to work to reduce births of unwanted pets, eliminate cruelty and neglect, and to promote kindness toward all animals. Further, the society is active in educating the community and assisting in the enactment and enforcement of laws relating to humane care of animals.

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To accomplish all of this, the society operates humane education programs reach schools and the community and takes on the task of sheltering homeless and unwanted pets, caring for more than 5,000 dogs, cats, and other small animals each year.

The shelter holds stray animals for the City of Lawrence for three working days. Animals that are adoptable are kept as long as they can house them in good health and good spirits. Pet adoptions involve screening and counseling prospective adopters to assure the best possible match between owner and animal.

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