What are you reading?

Louis Shopen, University of Dallas student, Dallas

"I've been reading a lot of computer stuff to catch up on it. I just finished 'Lord of the Rings' after seeing the movie. I also read 'History of the Middle Earth.'"

Liz Morel, Kansas University student, Lawrence

"I just finished reading 'King Lear,' but my most exciting literary thing is that I'm going to see David Sedaris in Kansas City, so I'm kind of revisiting all of his stuff."

Jaime Morton, Lawrence Alternative High School student, Lawrence

"I just got done reading about this gang member. He wrote a book while he was in jail, so kids won't make the same mistake he did."

Kendra Horner, Kansas University student, Lawrence

"I'm in Children's Lit at KU, so I'm reading ancient Greek myths for an assignment. I've been reading so much for school, I can't even remember the last time I read anything for fun."

Jayme Schoneweis, West Junior High School student, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'Annie's Promise.' I like it because it's a mystery."


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