What are you reading?

Jamie Basham, KU student, Lawrence
"I'm reading 'Gray Matters,' which is an introduction to philosophy of the mind."

Aryenish Birdie, LHS student, Lawrence
"I just read Jane Goodall's 'A Reason for Hope.' I like reading biographies. They really inspire me."

Brennen Jenkins, college student, Tampa, Fla.
"The last book I read was the complete stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. It was pretty good. I like his gothic outlook on things."

Richard McGuffin, MV Transit employee, Lawrence
"I read mostly music and song books."

Kathy Donner, state employee, Lawrence
"I'm reading 'King Came Preaching.' It's the pulpit power of Martin Luther King Jr. I hadn't seen it before, and it looked interesting."


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