'Blade II' a sequel with lots of bite

Wesley Snipes owns the Marvel Comics "Blade" character the way Clint Eastwood owns Dirty Harry. In "Blade II," a second entertaining foray into the underworld of power-vampires, he's the man with the plan, the feet, the weapons and the attitude.

It's great to watch.

In a world of bloodthirsty bruisers, he's Mr. Slick. That's because he's half-human, half-vampire, which gives him the best of both worlds. Ever since vampires attacked his mom (and infected the in-vitro Blade), he's been hell-bent on revenge. And thanks to his semi-humanity, he can strut around in daylight without going poof!

In "Blade II," he learns that his beloved mentor, fellow vampire-killer and weapons master Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), is still alive in Prague.

Whistler joins Blade and his new weapons specialist, Scud (Norman Reedus), to tackle the latest world problem: a plague of "Reapers," super-vampires who intend to destroy the world's existing vampires and build a more powerful vampire.

The Reapers have mandibles that can extend and superhuman power. They don't just drink blood from vampires � they drain them dry, then turn them into Reapers.

The Vampire Nation, technically Blade's enemies, appeal to Blade, asking him to lead an elite team, known as the Bloodpack, to pulverize the Reapers. No problem.

Of course, the allegiance is only temporary. Blade has to watch his new teammates, who were originally trained to kill him. They include Reinhardt (Ron Perlman), who takes special pride in his ability to beat any adversary, and the mysterious, attractive Nyssa (Leonor Varela).

At the center of all this gymnastic gore-mongering is Blade, pirouetting, somersaulting, high-kicking and twirling those killer blades with the real nasty edges.


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